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Alaska Boundary Dispute
Dispute des frontières de l’Alaska

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Library of Congress

Panning gold during the Klondike Gold Rush, George G. Murdock, LAC, 1897, C-005389

1899 E.A. Hegg, LAC C-005142

Packing up Chilkoot Pass, LAC, C-004490








Judge, 7 Jan 1899

Library and Archives Canada, CSM-1300-1c






Monroe Doctrine, 1900




"I will appoint three commissioners to meet three commissioners, if they so desire, but I think I shall instruct our three commissioners when appointed that they are in no case to yield any of our claim."
                                                                 Theodore Roosevelt, 16 July 1902

























"We have suffered on the Atlantic, we have suffered on the Pacific, we have suffered wherever there has been a question to be discussed between British diplomats and foreign diplomats."
                                         Sir Wilfrid Laurier, speech, 26 September 1907