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Reciprocity — Réciprocité

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Multiple Perspectives - perspectives multiple

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Puck, 2 March 1904



"When the workers of Canada wake up they will find that Protection is only one among the several economic fangs fastened in their "corpus vile" by the little group of railroad men, bankers, lumbermen and manufacturing monopolists who own their country."
                                                        J. A. Hobson, Canada Today, 1906 




"We are preparing to annex Canada . . . I am for it [reciprocity] because I hope to see the day when the American flag will float over every square foot of the British North America possessions clear to the pole! They [Canadians] are people of our blood. They speak our language. Their institutions are much like ours . . . I do not have any doubt whatever that the day is not far distant when Great Britain will see all of hear North American possessions become part of this Republic. That is the way things are tending now."
                     James Clark, Speaker of the House of Representatives,  14 February 1911








Library and Archives Canada, Acc.No. R1300-1 



"No Truck nor Trade with the Yankees!"
              Conservative Party slogan, 1911

"We must decide whether the spirit of Canadianism or of Continentalism is to prevail on the northern half of this continent."
                                                                                             Robert Borden