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Winnipeg General Strike — Grève générale de Winnipeg

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Industrial Worker, Spokane, Washington, 3 October 1912

I. W. W. Songs to Fan the Flames of Discontent, Joe Hill, Cleveland, March 1916

LAC Acc. No. 1983-28-3840, 1918


The Bolshevik, by David Jagger, 1918, CWM 197110261-0204, Beaverbrook Collection of War Art Canadian War Museum

Non-Partisan, Calgary, 18 January 1918



LAC Acc. No. 1983-28-613

1919, LAC PDP 03580

One Big Union of All the Workers, Industrial Workers of the World, Chicago, 1919, Wikimedia Common

Ulysses Borden returns from his wonderful travels. / Penelope Canada: - Welcome Ulysses! I'm so glad you're home. During your / absence treacherous suitors and aspirants for your place, schemers, / food speculators, profiteers and foreign Bolshevist agitators have / been annoying me horribly and causing general unrest, / particularly the food speculators. Be brave! Be firm! And / get after them. The people are with you in this. / Homer up to date. A.G.Racey, LAC acc. no. 1926-007-5, ca. 1919





Life, New York, 3 April 1919

The New York Communist, 1 May 1919


Canadian Labor News, Ottawa, 24 May 1919


Canadian Labor News, Ottawa, 31 May 1919



"Any association...whose professed to bring about any governmental, industrial or economic change within Canada by use of force, violence or physical injury to person or property, or by threats of such injury, or which teaches, advocates, advises or defends the use of force, violence, terrorism, or physical injury to person or order to accomplish such change, or for any other such purpose..., or which shall by any means prosecute or pursue such purpose...or shall so teach, advocate, advise or defend, shall be an unlawful association."
Section 98, an amendment to the Criminal Code designed to strike a blow at the Communist Party, introduced by Arthur Meighen, Minister of Justice in Robert Borden's government, 1919


Great War Veterans at City Hall, University of Manitoba, 4 June 1919






Meeting at Victoria Park, University of Manitoba, 13 June 1919

"From a thousand hills a thousand rills gather into a mighty river which sweeps on to the ocean. An attempt to dam the Niagara, in the hope that it would never reach the sea, would be no more foolish than the attempt to dam labour from its resistless onward sweep towards its natural outlet – cooperative industry."
                                                        Fred J. Dixon, Winnipeg Strike Bulletin, 27, 1919


Overturning a Streetcar on Main Street, University of Manitoba, 21 June 1919

Winnipeg Riot. LAC, e004666108 21 June 1919







Canadian Labor News, Ottawa, 16 August 1919

Step by step, Sidney Joseph Greene, New York Evening Telegram, 1 November 1919, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons




"Grass will grow, the river will reach the sea, the boy will become a man, and labour will come into its own."
                                                           Fred J. Dixon, speech to the jury, 1920




Life, New York, 6 May 1920

A. Sheartz, The Daily Worker, 11 Nov 1926


The North West Mounted Police was founded in 1873. It was renamed the Royal North West Mounted Police in 1904 in recognition of its contribution to the Boer War. It became the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in 1920 as a result of the Winnipeg General Strike and Red Scare. It moved its headquarters from Regina to Ottawa and added security and intelligence to its duties.