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BC History — la colombie-britanniique

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Captain Cook meets the West Coast Indians at Nootka, 1778. LAC Acc. No. 1972-26-765, Charles W. Jefferys, 1920s or 1930s

Habitations at Nootka Sound, 1778. LAC Acc. No. R9266-2667 Peter Winkworth Collection of Canadiana, John Webber, 1812

A Man of Nootka Sound, 1778. LAC Acc. No. 1991-265-232, John Webber

Inhabitants of Nootka. LAC C-033614, Gallo Gallina

Natives Outside a Communal House, Nootka / Indiens à l'extérieur d'une loge communale à Nootka. LAC C-002822, John Webber, March 29-April 26, 1778

Interior of a House with Women Weaving, Nootka Sound / Femmes en train de tisser dans une habitation du détroit de Nootka. Acc. No. 1991-265-234, John Webber, March 29-April 26, 1778

The Launch of the North West America at Nootka Sound. La mise à l'eau du North West America à la baie Nootka. LAC Acc. No. R9266-3477 Collection de Canadiana Peter Winkworth, Conrad Martin Metz, ca. 1790

The Spanish Insult to the British Flag at Nootka Sound, 1789. LAC Acc. No. R9266-3257 Peter Winkworth Collection of Canadiana, Robert Dodd, 1748-1816

Captain George Vancouver's arrival on the West Coast, June 1792, Dr. Charles Comfort, 1939

Captain George Vancouver Exploring Burrard Inlet, 1792, John Innes and George Southwell, 1925

Commander Vancouver Meeting the Spanish off Point Grey, 1792, John Innes, 1925

August 1792

Courage – The meeting of Captains Vancouver and Quadra at Nootka Sound, 1792, George Southwell, 1935

Alexander Mackenzie Recording his Arrival at the Pacific, 1793, John Innes, 1925

Simon Fraser Descending the Fraser River, 1808. Simon Fraser descend le fleuve Fraser, 1808. LAC Acc. No. 1972-26-6, Charles William Jefferys, 1920s or 1930s?

Simon Fraser’s Canoes Descending the Fraser River,  John Innes & G.H. Southwell, 1925

Simon Fraser in the Black Canyon, 1808, John Innes, 1925


The Hudson's Bay Company Fur Brigade Passing Down the Okanagan, 1825-1847, John Innes, 1925 (see Fur Brigade theme)

Chief Trader Archibald McDonald and George Simpson descending the Fraser River, 1828, Hudson's Bay Company Archives, Adam Sherriff Scott, ca. 1942

Enterprise - Hudson's Bay Company Chief Factor, James Douglas, landing from the Cadboro at Clover Point to select site for Fort Victoria, 1843, George Southwell, 1935

James Douglas Building the Hudson's Bay Post at Victoria, 1843, John Innes, 1925


Finding Placer Gold by Pioneer Miners in the Cariboo, 1858, John Innes, 1925

James Douglas taking the oath as First Governor of BC, Fort Langley, 19 November 1858, John Innes, 1925

British Columbia becomes a colony, 19 November  1858

Marines Camp, Fraser River. LAC Acc. No. 1989-171-29, William Willis, 1859

Nanaimo, The Coaling Station at Vancouver Island, 1859. LAC C-009561, Edward D. Panter-Downes, 1859

View of Victoria. Vue de Victoria, LAC C-001893, 1860?

Fort Yale and the Gold Hunters' Camp, Frazer's River. LAC Acc. No. R9266-1550 Peter Winkworth Collection of Canadiana, ca. 1860

Negro Volunteer Military Company [Victoria Pioneer Rifles] formed between 1860 - 1862, disbanded in 1863 – 1864, LAC C-022626, Charles Gentile, ca. 1860-1864 

New Westminster, The Capital of British Columbia. LAC Acc. No. R9266-1554 Peter Winkworth Collection of Canadiana, F. L. Pope

The Overland Pioneers Journeying Through the Rockies, 1862, John Innes, 1925

The Fraser Canyon by Frederick Whymper, 1863?, Image PDP00107 courtesy of
Royal BC Museum, BC Archives

Indian group at Boston Bar. LAC C-088948, 1863-1867

Fort Yale, B.C. LAC Acc. No. 1935-124, Frederick Wymper, ca. 1863

Victoria, Vancouver Island. LAC Acc. No. 1935-125, Frederick Whymper, 1863

Songish Village Opposite Victoria, Vancouver Island. LAC Acc. No. 1981-55-16 David J. Bushnell Collection, Edward Parker Bedwell, before 1863

Victoria (British Columbia). Acc. No. R9266-342 Peter Winkworth Collection of Canadiana. Edward M. Richardson, 1864

A miner in the Rocky Mountains, by William Hind, 1864. Image PDP00028 courtesy of Royal BC Museum, BC Archives

Cariboo - wagon road 17 miles above Yale River. LAC PA-023270

Interior of a Salish Longhouse. LAC Acc. No. R9266-343 Peter Winkworth Collection of Canadiana, Edward M. Richardson, 1864

A Salish Grave, British Columbia. Une tombe Salish. LAC R9266-344 Collection de Canadiana Peter Winkworth, Edward M. Richardson, ca.1864

Williams Lake Indians. Les indiens du lac Williams. LAC Acc. No. 1937-133-1, Edward M. Richardson

Alexandra Suspension Bridger over Fraser Rivern the Fraser River, 14 miles above Yale. C-088889, Charles Gentile, 1864-67

Cariboo Road at Yale showing Miss Irving and Miss Brown. LAC C-034943, Dally Frederick, 1868

Chinese man washing gold. LAC PA-125990, 1875Chinese man washing gold. LAC PA-125990, 1875

(see Alaska Boundary Dispute theme)

A view of an Indian village. Village indien de la Colombie-Britannique. LAC C-024286, ca. 1870


Indian Potlach - Vancouver Indians. LAC e008303330, ca. 1875-1877

AMOR DE COSMOS: "The Love of the World or the Lover of Mankind."
HEATHEN CHINEE: "Why you sendee me offee?"
A. D. C.: "Because you can't or won't 'assimilate' with us."
HEATHEN CHINEE: "What is datee?"
A. D. C.: "You won't drink whiskey, and talk politics and vote like us."
LAC, C-072064 J. Weston Canadian Illustrated News, 26 April 1879

A Logger's Camp on Vancouver Island. LAC Acc. No. 1989-201-32, E. Sandys, 1880-1900

Canadian Pacific Railway construction between Yale and Boston Bar, B.C. Tunnel No. 4, 2 miles above Yale, looking down valley. LAC PA-022531, Richard Maynard, 1881

Donald A. Smith driving the last spike to complete the Canadian Pacific Railway, Lac C-003693, Alexander Ross, 7 November 1885
(see CPR theme)

Sir John A. Macdonald Crossing the Rockies Over the Newly Constructed Canadian Pacific Railway, 1886, The Western Home Monthly, Winnipeg, July 1917

New Westminster, Colombie-Britannique. LAC Acc. No. 1989-446-30, Edward Roper, 1887-1909

1. Justice - Chief Justice Sir Mathew Baillie Begbie holding court in Clinton during the Cariboo gold rush (early 1860s), George Southwell, 1935, or, more likely
2. Justice – A meeting between Provincial Indian Commissioner Israel Wood Powell to discuss the lack of treaties and inadequate size of land grants, 1879 (note the empty chair representing missing key political figures and the crumpled papers in the waste basket symbolizing discarded treaty documents)

1895, BC Sugar, Courtesy of Brent Axelson

Strikers from unemployment relief camps en route to Eastern Canada during "March on Ottawa". Grévistes de camps d'assistance-chômage en route vers Ottawa durant la " March on Ottawa ". LAC C-029399, June 1935

1942-45 David Suzuki and his two sisters in an internment camp. David Suzuki et ses deux soeurs dans un camp d'internement. LAC, 1976-087, PA-187835

Internment camp for Japanese – Canadians, June 1945, NFB, LAC PA-142853