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"My best teachers were passionate about their subject matter and sought approaches that directly involved students in examining, discussing, and applying the material."
Bruce A. Lesh

Byte magazine, American Cancer Society,  Nov 1975, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Notice to school teachers for examinations, Gananoque, 23 June 1862, Archives of Ontario C 233-1-4-2246

Merit for Diligence, Toronto Reference Library ca.1870.MeritDiligence.vs

Merit for Good Conduct, Toronto Reference Library ca.1870MeritAlbert.vs

Merit for Punctuality, Toronto Reference Library ca.1870.MeritPunctuality.vs


[Mazeppas: Students are the unwilling riders of the wild horse.]

Statue of Egerton Ryerson in front of the Education Department Building in Toronto, 1890, Archives of Ontario F 1125-1-0-0-182

1898 LAC National Council of Women Ottawa a028033

Art School, Emily Carr, BC Archives PDP06152, 1901

Alonzo Ryan, Political Caricature in Canada, 1904

Alonzo Ryan, Political Caricature in Canada, 1904

The Canadian Courier, Toronto, 3 July 1909

Sewing class, George Agnew Reid, Art Gallery of Ontario, 1917