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Social Security — Sécurité sociale

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Queen's Birthday Toronto Reference Library 185.Queen'sBirithday.vs

'FROZEN TO DEATH -- '.  LAC C-058456, Canadian Illustrated News, Montreal, 27 January 1872

"The moment a Government is asked to take charge and feed the poor you strike a blow to their self-respect and independence that is fatal to our existence as a people."
                                                                                   MP during a debate in 1876
[80% of Canadians at the time were fishermen and farmers, quite able to look after themselves]

Toronto Free Hospital Toronto Reference Library ca.1910. Hospital. TB. 1910



"I claim that we have come to a period in the history of our county when we must decide once and for all which shall prevail – profits or human welfare."
                                                                        James S. Woodsworth, March 1922


"[In 19th century Canada] charity was the responsibility of the churches, not the government. . . Non government enacted any social legislation in Ottawa until 1927. . . social programs were nobody's business except for the churches and individual do-gooders–– until the Great Depression."
                                                 Richard Gwyn, Nation Maker Sir John A. Macdonald




Signing of the Dominion-Provincial Agreement on Old Age Pensions. Signature de l'entente fédérale-provinciale sur les pensions de vieillesse . (Seated, L-R): Hon. Peter Heenan, Thomas Donnelly, John Millar, Hon. W.R. Motherwell, Rt. Hon. W.L. Mackenzie King, Hon. C.A. Dunning. (Standing, L-R): Fred Johnson, John Vallance, Ed Young, C.R. McIntosh, Robert McKenzie, Gordon Ross, A.F. Totzke, George McPhee, Malcolm McLean, William Bock, 18 May 1928, LAC C-013233


A.G. Racey, Montreal Daily Star, 1930

"The difficulty about all these matters is that too much reliance is being placed upon the Government. The people are not bearing their share of the load. Half a century ago people would work their way out of their difficulties rather than look to government to take care of them. The fibre of some of our people has grown softer and they are not willing to turn in and save  themselves."
                                                                                          R. B. Bennett, 1930

"The promises of yesterday are the taxes of today."
                                     William Lyon Mackenzie, 1931

"'There is a rich man's tuberculosis and a poor man's tuberculosis.' The rich man recovers and the poor man dies."
                                                                                Norman Bethune, July 1932


"They knew where to find the money for war. Why could it not be found for peace."
                                                                                                 Maxime Raymond





The Federationist, Vancouver, 30 January 1941

"[Health care] is something to which people are entitled by virtue of belonging to a civilized community."
                                                                                                 Tommy Douglas


"Society cannot hope for a just and peaceful civilization unless each individual feels the need to be concerned about his fellows. All the great works of charity and humanitarian legislation have always been inspired by a flame of compassion which has burnt brightly in the hearts of men and women."
                                                                                       Queen Elizabeth II, 1966

Socual Security for All, CCF, 1948 [?]

194_ LAC e01080076

Love Me, Love my Doggie. LAC R4515-103, The Telegram, Toronto, Al Beaton

"When we're talking about medical care we're talking about our sense of values. Do we think human life if important? Do we think that the best medical care which is available is something to which people are entitled, by virtue of belonging to a civilized community?"
                                                                          Tommy Douglas, 13 October 1961

Normand Hudon, Health insurance, where the parties stand, McCord Museum, M997.63.257, 1962

"When you give money to people you call it welfare. When you give money to business you call it grants.  Well, I'm changing that. From now on, when we give money to people it'll be grants, and when we give money to business, that's welfare."
                            Dave Barrett [Premier of BC], The Toronto Star, 8 November 1975

"It is the expectation of Canada's social system to look after the people who cannot take care of themselves. There is no such expectations in the United States."
                                                                                        John Irving, 1990


"[In Canada] our real national "monuments" are neither statues nor places. Our monuments are our social programs, our railways, our CBC."
                                                                                        Brian Mulroney, 1992


"We want American-style taxes and European-style services. The result has been Canadian style deficits, from which we are finally weaning ourselves."
                                                       Bob Rae, The Globe and Mail, 23 December 1998


"It is perfectly true that that government is best which governs least. It is equally true that that government is best which provides the most."
                                                                                                 Walter Lippmann