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Alaska Boundary Dispute
Dispute des frontières de l’Alaska

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                         THE  TWO  PETER  FUNKS [swindlers]
RUSSIAN STRANGER: I say, little boy [Secretary of State William Seward], do you want to trade? I've got a fine lot of bears, seals, icebergs and Esquimaux–They're no use to me, I'll swap 'em all for those boats you've got." [Billy, like other foolish boys, jumps at the idea.]
                                                   Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 25 May 1867

                               PREPARING FOR THE HEATED TERM
King Andy [President Andrew Jackson] and his man Billy [William Seward] lay in a great stock of Russian ice in order to cool down the Congressional majority.
                                                Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 20 April 1867


Map Klondike gold bearing creeks,  unknownderivative work, Borrow 188, 1897, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons


Library of Congress

Panning gold during the Klondike Gold Rush, George G. Murdock, LAC, 1897, C-005389

[The vultures are labeled Dive keeper, Opium joint, Gambling den, Gin mill keeper, Dance house keeper, and Card sharp.]
Joseph Keppler Jr., Puck, NY, 1 September 1897

N.W.M.P. Town Station on 4th Avenue, Dawson, Yukon,  Stuart Taylor Wood, 
LAC C-022074, 1898

Klondike Trail of '98, J. D. Kelly and Thomas Wilberforce Mitchell

1899 E.A. Hegg, LAC C-005142

Packing up Chilkoot Pass, LAC, C-004490


Heart of the Klondike w1898ritten by Scott Marble. Library of Congress LC-USZC4-8275, Theatrical poster, New York, 1897







Judge, 7 Jan 1899

Library and Archives Canada, CSM-1300-1c




1899 A Lesson for Anti-Expansionists

Puck, New York, 8 September 1899



Monroe Doctrine, 1900




Samuel Hunter 1902


"I will appoint three commissioners to meet three commissioners, if they so desire, but I think I shall instruct our three commissioners when appointed that they are in no case to yield any of our claim."
                                                                 Theodore Roosevelt, 16 July 1902







Bob Satterfield, The Tacoma Times, 29 December 1903






"Canadians are becoming weary of negotiating with Washington through London, and of the solemn and elaborate farces called arbitration which for one hundred and twenty years have been robbing Canada to enrich the United States."
Daily Mail, London, dispatch from its Toronto correspondent, Oct. 1903

"[The Downing Street decision represented] the most cold-blooded case of absolutely giving away our interests . . . My view in watching the diplomacy of Great Britain as affecting Canada for six years is that it may just as well be decided in advance that practically whatever the United States demands from England will be conceded in the long run."
Clifford Sifton, letter to J. W. Defoe













"We have suffered on the Atlantic, we have suffered on the Pacific, we have suffered wherever there has been a question to be discussed between British diplomats and foreign diplomats."
                                         Sir Wilfrid Laurier, speech, 26 September 1907