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Military — Forces armées

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2 June 1866 Battle of Ridgeway LAC C-018737k

Caughnawagas, Thomas Fisher Rare Books Library, Toronto, broadsides:CAP02306, 1885

Major-General Middleton, C.B., Adjutant-General Walker Powell, and various commanding officers of the North-West Field Force. LAC, C-005550, William Daniel Blatchly 1885?

The Canadian Militia. Milice canadienne. LAC, C-006332, John David Kelly 1889

Rule Britannia, Montreal, 1898, National Archives of Québec

Review of Reviews, August 1899

Soldiers of the Queen: Canadian War Museum, Ottawa

Canadians at Battle of Paardeberg, February 1900. LAC Acc. No. 1983-38-2, 1901, Arthur H. Hider

Is the statue commemorating the South African War a monument to "a brutal war of imperialism"?

Alonzo Ryan, Political Caricature in Canada, 1904


Boer War Memorial, Montreal, George W. Hill, 1907

General Laurier: Hey! Baptiste, this animal shouldn't be spiced up
Le taon, Montréal, 2 June 1908




R. T. Richards, Life, New York, 1 July 1909

Dreadnoughts, Puck, New York, L. M. Glackens, artist, 22 September 1909, LC2011647506
[Uncle Sam, William II, the German Emperor, Meiji, the Emperor of Japan, Armand Fallières, President of France, and Edward VII, King of Great Britain; the emperor of Japan.]







Chorus "Sail Sail oh my ship". [tr.]


Rt. Hon. Robert Borden and Hon. Winston Churchill leaving the Admiralty. LAC, C-002082, 1912


                       THE  GRAND  OLD  COMMANDER
"I am glad to tell him (the Premier) – that honorable gentleman on this side of the House, though differing from him on other matters, share his devotion and loyalty to the British Empire." – Sir Wilfrid Laurier, in the House of Commons yesterday.
Fergus Kyle, The Globe and Mail, Toronto, 6 December 1912



Canadians must sail the Seas. LAC, Acc. No. 1985-40-6 Source: Gift, National Archives Library, Dawn Munroe, 1913-1918

The Canadian Courier, Toronto, 31 May 1913

The Canadian Courier, Toronto, 11 October 1913








A. G. Racey, Montreal Star, reprinted in Maclean's Magazine, 1 March 1914


Naval Service, LC-USZC4-12677, 1915


The Listening Post, British Expeditionary Force, France, 25 November 1915


Collier's The National Weekly, NY,  l4 July 1917


Royal Flying Corps Tradesmen, Dublin Ireland, 1918, LAC 198-028 X PIC 02269

Skilled Mechanics Urgently Needed, Library and Archive Canada, Royal Flying Corps, United Kingdom, 1918, 1983-028 X PIC



The Royal Naval Want Men of Good Character and Physique. Volontaires de la Réserve de la Marine Royale Canadienne :  recruitment campaign. LAC, 1983-28-905, and LAC, Acc. No. 1983-28-793, 1914-1918 


Royal Naval Canadian Volunteer Reserve Overseas Division :  recruitment campaign. Volontaires de la Réserve de la Marine Royale Canadienne Division D'Outre-Mer. LAC, Acc. No. 1983-28-893, 1914-1918 

The Navy Wants Men : Royal Naval Canadian Volunteer Reserve recruitment campaign. LAC, Acc. No. 1983-28-839, 1914-1918 


The Ubyssey, Vancouver, 12 November 1930



"Two big oceans and a polar ocean have kept us safe for centuries."
                                 Desmond Morton, address, Toronto, 17 April 2002

Unveiling ceremony of the Canadian War Memorial by Vernon March on Parliament Hill, City of Vancouver, 21 May 1939, AM54-S4-2--CVA 371-1975, 21 May 1939

The Navy's Here, Ross Parker and Hugh Charles, Toronto, 1939, The University of Western Ontario

Pilots of No.87 Squadron, R.A.F. running to their Hawker 'Hurricane' aircraft. LAC, PA-037482, ca. 1940

LAC e002712861

Metropolitan Toronto Public Library 1939-45 Aircraft Production item 3 1941




La Presse, Montréal, 3 July 1942



Women's collection of Glenbow 1943



McLean's Magazine 1 November 1943

War Poster - Ce qu'il faut / Pour Vaincre. LAC, Acc. No. 1987-72-106 The Hubert Rogers Collection, Gift of Mrs. Helen Priest, Hubert Reginald  Rogers 1944?


Shoulder to shoulder - Canadian Women's Army Corps. LAC, Acc. No. 1992-622-3, Shragge? 1944

Plot Your Future Course :  victory loan drive. LAC, Acc. No. 1983-30-684, 1944

LAC c-087430

Nova Scotia Archives V/F vol.333 no.34, 1945

Charles R. Knight, The Windsor Daily Star, 5 January 1945

Nov 1945, Metropolitan Toronto Public Library 

The Manitoban, Winnipeg, 19 March 1946

1950 LAC Acc. No. R1300-308 


McGill Daily, Montreal, 4 December 1950

There's a Future for You in AVIATION Fly with the R.C.A.F. LAC, Acc. No. R1300-308


Fifth British Empire and Commonwealth Games, Vancouver, 1954



A photograph of a drawing of a CF-105 AVRO Arrow. NFB of Canada LAC PA-111546, 1957

McGill Daily, Montreal, 13 January 1958


College of New Caledonia, 1 March 1994