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"Boys should abstain from all use of wine until their eighteenth year, for it is wrong to add fire to fire."

McCord Museum M930.50.8.480, 1850-1885

Nova Scotia Brewery-Alexandra Keith, Halifax, NS, established 1820. La brasserie ne´o-e´cossaise Alexander Keith, fonde´e en 1820, Nouvelle-E´cosse, 1865-70, LAC C-150714

Grenville Brewery, Prescott. Brasserie Grenville, Prescott, n.d., LAC e008748941

Woman's Holy War, Currier &Ives, New York, 1874, LC2003656595

A group at the bar at the Vendome Hotel in Cumberland, BC Archives D-01287, 1880

Sad end of the work of the Vigilance committee and the license commissioners. Jubilation of the innkeeper. Despair of the mother.
Le vrai canard, Montréal, 23 April 1881

Puck, New York, 16 May 1883


Humiliation of ministers who had to withdraw their famous resolutons on licenses.
Le canard, Montréal 10 May 1884

An apostle of temperance. Theory. Practice.
Passepartout, Sorel, Quebec, 27 October 1888

Group of the WCTU meet in Toronto, 1889, Digital Archive Ontario

The Tree of Dissipation, The New Temperance Primer, London, 1890

Puck, New York, Dec 1891


Teetotaler - T total abstinence

Bootlegging – carrying illicit booze at the top of your boot

"We soon learned that compulsion will not make people sober; it must be brought about by the example of the best people. The prohibition law made more drunkards than if there had been an open bar and free drinks on every corner street."
                                                                    Samuel Benfield Steele

E1 Dominion Scientific Temperance Committee, Provincial Archives of Alberta, PR1974.

The Moon, Toronto, 17 January 1903

Total Abstinence, Toronto Ref. library 1910.Abstinence.tb, 1910

Temperance Education, 1 Toronto Ref. library, 1910

Nellie McClung and the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, BC Archives E-06019

St. Louis Times, reprinted Judge, New York, 29 October 1910

Library and Archives Canada, Acc. No. 1984-4-940 Dominion W.C.T.U.

Library and Archives Canada, Acc. No. 1984-4-932 Dominion W.C.T.U.

"Ah! When are we going to get rid of alcohol?", B. Chavannaz, 1914-1918, LAC e010754245

Self conquest for the sake of others . . . , 1915 Digital Archive Ontario

Police arresting a man for illegal possession of alcohol, Toronto,  LAC PA-069901,  16 September 1916

Rare Books and Special Collections, UBC

View of liquor stills captured during Prohibition. City of Vancouver Archives, VPD-5214, CVA 480-215, ca. 1917

"I have different names that I am known by.
Sometimes I am beer; sometimes whiskey, rum or wine, but always booze.
My measure is always determined by my nature, whether hard or soft: my cost likewise.
I am the "waste product" of society.
I beget inefficiency.
I hinder recruiting.
I stifle patriotism.
I am food destroyed.
If the grain used to make me were used for food I could feed the Allied armies and they would not lack.
Nor would Britain fear starvation by the submarine.
When you drink me you are helping Germany starve Britain; you are making the Kaiser a present of a nail to drive into the coffin of Democracy; you are crucifying Belgium afresh.
Cut me out! I, Booze, say it.
Quit committing treason by drinking me."

                                                                  John H. Roberts, Montreal, 4 June 1917

"Four and twenty Yankees, feeling very dry,
Went across the border to get a drink of rye.
When the rye was opened, the Yanks began to sing,
'God bless America, but God save the King!"

                                             Duke of Windsor, 1919

Bob Satterfield, Cartoons Magazine, Chicago, October 1919

[BC was the first province to open government-owned liquor stores in June 1921, ending prohibition. Other provinces soon followed.]

George Matthew Adams, Cartoons magazine, Chicago, December 1920

National Archives of Quebec, 1921 et 1933

Cartoons magazine, Chicago, March 1921

"Prohibition destroys respect for law. It increases crime. It degrades and corrupts those who attempt to enforce it."
                                                                                     Manitoba pamphlet, 1923

Art Young, Life, New York, 2 August 1923


Judge, New York, 13 September 1924

Library and Archives Canada, Acc. No. 1983-33-1123 Citizen's Liberty League

Acc. No. 1983-29-113

Blind pigs raided, 160 kegs destroyed, Elk Lake, Ontario, Ontario Archives F1194

"Four-and-twenty Yankees,
All very dry,
Crossed the Yankee border
To get Canadian rye.
When the rye was open,
They began to sing,
'To hell with Calvin Coolidge,
God Save the King.' "

Canadian Postcard by E.L. White (c. 1929-1930) [source - Postcardy: The Postcard Explorer]

Ontario Archives 1930?

American bar clients celebrating the end of prohibition. December 1933

Les Callan, The Toronto Star, 3 April 1946

Dethrone King Alcohol, Library of Congress LC-DIG-ppmsca-42681, Topeka, 28 October 1951

Queen's Journal, Kingston, 14 October 1966